How To Be a Movie Film Extra

'British Colonial Officer' extra in Queen of the Desert.

  If anyone tells you the film industry is all glamour, they obviously haven’t worked as a movie extra. I was chosen as a film extra in the role of a British Colonial Officer in the Nicole Kidman film: Queen of the Desert, directed by Werner Herzog; filming over two days in Marrakech, Morroco. more

Almaza Beer Bottles

The Art of Recycling Glass in Lebanon

Each year, 70 million tonnes of Almaza empty beer bottles are thrown in bins and in the streets throughout Lebanon. In the past, these bottles would be collected by the Almaza Brewery and returned to their recycling plant, but the Israeli bombing of the recycling plant in Beirut during the war in 2002 destroyed the only […] more

Metropolis Lebanon's Independent Cinema, Beirut

Lebanon’s Only Independent Cinema

  The Metropolis Cinema is the only independent cinema in Lebanon. Since 2008, the Metropolis has been operating in the half-hidden lower-ground floor of a commercial block in one of the fashionable and busy areas of Beirut; showing films that are more challenging and thought-provoking that offer an alternative choice to the mainstream blockbuster shown […] more


In defence of Terry Deary: The Horrible Author

Terry Deary, one of Britain’s best-loved children’s authors, has become possibly the best-hated author among his peers after his comments regarding cuts to library services; particularly in the north-east England, where the cuts are among the country’s most sever; and the area of Deary’s birth and residency. Yet, some of the responses to Terry Deary’s comments about libraries actually […] more


Three Years On

The Cultural Thing celebrates its third birthday in 2012. From the very beginning, the purpose of The Cultural Thing was to bring a glimmer of limelight to local arts and music; often close to the start of the artist’s professional career. We believe three years is a suitable milestone to take a look at some […] more

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